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About Us

What If I _____?
Explore with us the power and potential of collaboration across industries and international borders.

Masa Okunishi

Masa's interest in connecting Japanese innovation to new markets stems from his love of community building. As founder and co-organizer he uses his cross-border experience to help a the budding US-Japan technology ecosystem in NYC. 


Mayuka Inaba

Mayuka brings valued experienced in planning and executing several types of PR, events. She has developed a professional network to help align strategy and organization for American and Japanese companies, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. She is glad that her passion has allowed her to work in culturally diverse environments.


Lilian Wouters

Lilian has expertise in brand marketing and communications, with a passion for helping Japanese companies launch their businesses in the U.S. She’s currently managing Japanese online eyewear brand, JINS, expand retail stores in the U.S. Lilian previously worked at JP Morgan as a Japan Equity Salesperson in Tokyo, London and NY.


Jennifer Pei Lin

Jennifer has built her career working in startups, accelerators, finance, and non-profits. In startups, she has worked in food-subscription businesses and SaaS companies. In her previous life, she worked at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, managing high net-worth clients’ assets. She has experience advocating and building cross-cultural entrepreneurship that increases the opportunity for collaboration and access to information.


Jensin Wallace

As an artist and designer Jensin seeks out opportunities to use her skills to help expose people to new ideas and cultures. She values taking time to listen and letting laughter in.

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