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Why We’re Doing IF Conference

What IF? Over the past two years IF Conference has brought together aspiring entrepreneurs, thought leaders and experts in one place to talk about how Japan has shaped and inspired their approaches to innovation. Each year we ask you, our community what we can do better for the next event.

The theme that continued to bubble up in our feedback from you was emerging technology. We feel, the rise of Artificial Intelligence is one of the most discussed and relevant topics shaping the future of technology today and have found that AI touches many different industries with the potential to revolutionize all of them in big or small ways. Another technological phenomenon occurring is Cryptocurrency and its fundamental technology, Blockchain. In a short time it has caused financial institutions, emerging economies and political parties to examine and reconsider how they operate. This year, we are pleased to invite you to explore the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain with us at IF Conference 2018.

Additional feedback from our community included requests for more networking as well as time to converse with likeminded individuals. So this year, we added a Networking Lunch session in addition to the networking time that takes place at the end of the conference. For those who are interested, we are also offering a VIP ticket, which includes access to an invitation-only private reception following the conference that afternoon. (available at our ticketing page).

Our goal this year is to create new business opportunities amongst Japanese enterprises and AI/Blockchain startups & experts by fostering growth and the potential for collaboration at IF Conference. For this, we will provide each guest a list of attendees. Per request, we will try our best to initiate 1-on-1 matching during and after the conference.

The conference will be broken down into one keynote presentation - focused on the opportunities and challenges facing AI & Blockchain today and 2-3 roundtable discussions by experts in AI and Blockchain technology.

So what about tickets?

We’re starting to sell tickets this month! Early Birds will get $10 off of the General admission from now until September 13th. Get your tickets now at

Who is it for?

If you work at a company that is interested in investing in Artificial Intelligence and/or Blockchain, we definitely want you to meet the local founders and experts that we will be presenting and are ready to build new relationships . If you are a founder or work at an AI and Blockchain startup, we courage you to come meet Japanese companies and start collaborating! Trust us, this is the place to make it happen!

We hope to see you on October 11 at Japan Society. For more details, please visit If you have any questions or suggestions, please write us at

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