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Grow your smallest hunch into a full fledged idea. 
Saturday, September 16, 1-5pm @ Nulab, Inc.

The opportunities for new products or services seem to be everywhere, but once you identify an idea, how do you communicate it to others and test their interest?

Would you like to learn how to create a model, a mockup or a paper prototype of your idea? Join us for the IF Workshop: Prototype Your Idea! where we will focus on prototyping!


Prototyping is a product design method that allows you create a simple version of your idea that you can use to communicate, test or validate with your potential customers. We’ll practice the steps needed to: sketch a key workflow, identify specific tasks, sketch two idea options and test with potential customers


  • You have an idea for a product, service or apps but you don’t know how to develop it

  • You have a vision for a new idea but you don’t know how to communicate it

  • You want to share your idea but you don’t know how to show it

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